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Appetite Suppressants

Most people fail at diets because hunger leads them to cheat and ultimately causes unsuccessful weight loss. Dr.Mansfield uses a very effective combination of appetite suppressants to make dieting and weight loss easy and free from hunger. Using appetite suppressant is highly recommended while participating in The Mansfield Plan® to help achieve dramatic weight loss results.

It is illegal to sell prescription medicines without a prescription. Patients must be seen in a doctor’s office for the prescription. Careful records must be kept by the doctor’s office. That is why Phentermine from online sources are usually illegitimate as it is illegal to sell prescription medicines without a doctor’s prescription. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation to determine if this treatment is most beneficial for you.

5HTP: Hydroxytrptophan
25mg Capsules
50mg Capsules

Adipex: 37.5 mg Tablets
Fastin: 37.5 mg Capsules
Fastin Beaded: 30 mg Capsules

Prescription appetite suppressants are only available to “In Office” customers based on our licensed physician’s evaluation.

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