Dramatic Weight Loss Approved NABP’s National Association Boards of Pharmacy e-Advertiser Approval Program

Dramatic Weight Loss is proud to announce that, as of today, we are one of the first 40
companies in the country approved through the NABP’s (National Association Board of
Pharmacy). We are now listed on the NABP site as an NABP Approved e-Advertiser.
Dramatic Weight Loss adheres to NABP’s business practices and safety standards.
What is the NABP e-Advertiser Approval Program? It identifies Internet advertisers that
offer only limited pharmacy services or other prescription drug-related services advertise
prescription drugs (such as Adipex or Phentermine) online . Approval through this
program allows Medical weight loss companies such as Dramatic Weight Loss, who are
not pharmacies, to advertise our appetite suppressants on Google and other search
engines. Dramatic Weight Loss is Safe and Legitimate.

Check out Dramatic Weight Loss on the NABP website!



Why is this certification so important?
According to the NABP, rogue websites posing as legitimate pharmacies have
proliferated on the Internet, peddling substandard, tainted, and counterfeit drugs to
unsuspecting patients. This has caused many illnesses, even deaths around the world. In
March 2010, Google began requiring those Internet pharmacies to get approved through
VIPPS and/or NABP e-advertiser Approval Program in order to create ads that offer
prescription drugs.

Why is this a big Deal?
Because the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has reviewed over 9,600 online
pharmacy websites. According to their review, only 3% of those thousands of sites
appear to comply with standard pharmaceutical practices and laws. Patients put their
health at risk when they patronize these rogue sites, but patients can rest assured knowing
that Dramatic Weight Loss is safe and legitimate.