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Atlanta, GA Weight Loss

Do you know why you’re having problems with weight?

It’s because life gets in the way.

You get busy and have responsibilities, so you don’t get the chance to eat like you should. You end up making fast food choices that are indeed fast, but, are only empty calories, fat, and too many carbohydrates. What if there was a different choice that was convenient, tastes great, and provides the many vitamins and nutrients your body needs throughout the day? What if that same convenient meal also was designed to shed the excess weight we all want to melt from our bodies.

We have your answer…
Dramatic Weight Loss®


The Mansfield Plan® Packages come in three different variations; the Mansfield 6 with 42 shakes, the Mansfield 4 with 28 shakes, and the Mansfield 2 with 14 shakes. All three packages are geared towards achieving maximum weight loss. We also offer two Inclusive Packages that come with helpful tools to help aid in success; the Simple Starter and Complete Starter Packages. Both packages also include recommended products helpful for success on the program. All items can be purchased  a-la-cart at our online store.

With the purchase of an Inclusive Package you will receive: Step by step guidelines for the Mansfield Plan®, secrets to successful weight loss and personalized guidance and encouragement from a DWL Consultant.

Benefits of the Dramatic Weight Loss Program

The Dramatic Weight Loss® program is a physician-developed program incorporating healthy protein shakes and vitamins to give you a fast, convenient meal that fits within your busy lifestyle. Our method is simple: Healthy eating along with meal replacement protein shakes and vitamins help your body do what it was naturally designed to do – burn stored fat for energy.

redtick_40The program teaches you how to eat balanced portion sized meals with healthy  proteins while watching your carbohydrate and sugar intake.

The program helps you maintain a healthy metabolism and burn stored fat for energy.No hormone injections, no surgery and no long hours in the gym necessary.

redtick_40Very affordable when compared to the groceries you would purchase for a 7 day period and the amount you spend to eat out. Your health is worth the money you invest in purchasing the Mansfield Plan®  package.
redtick_40Weekly guidance and motivation from a weight loss consultant while on the Mansfield Plan®. You will also have access to a consultant to answer any questions or talk about any concerns you may have throughout your weight loss journey.
redtick_40Our method is simple, healthy eating along with meal replacement protein shakes and vitamins help your body do what it was naturally designed to do – burn stored fat of energy.

Today is the day to start your weight loss journey, get healthy,
and experience for yourself why
The Difference Is Dramatic!