Leo Mazzone (Former Pitching Coach from the Atlanta Braves) talks about his experience with Dramatic Weight Loss

Leo Mazzone is the former pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves. Leo has lost 28 Pounds and credits Dramatic Weight Loss for showing him that it actually works.

Tell us Leo… How much did you lose and how do you feel?

Leo – Well I’ve lost 28 pounds and I want to thank DWL, that’s for sure! I look a lot better now, before I was fat! How about this 5 inches off my waist line?  My blood pressure is lower, my cholesterol is lower, and I feel a heck of a lot better.

You may know me but you may not recognize me because when I was the pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves for 16 years, I was a heck of a lot heavier! I tried many different diets, I tried more exercise and everything, but nothing works like Dramatic Weight Loss. I feel like a million dollars and I am starting to look like a million dollars!

I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself and you will too. There is such a thing as self esteem…  When you look better, you have more confidence, which is something I never had a problem with when I was on the baseball field. When you lose the weight, you feel good about yourself! I want to thank Dr. Mansfield for coming up with this wonderful plan. Meeting the DWL team, who not only helped me lose more weight, but I gained some good friends! The gang at Dramatic Weight Loss is wonderful.

I’ts like family and there is no embarrassment at all.  You look on the wall and you see all these pictures of the people who have lost all this weight in a short period of time. It’s very important that it is in a healthy fashion and a healthy manor. There is no short cuts to this thing.


Leo Mazzone – “The key to success is having a great coach!”