Meals you can Cook in under 15 Minutes (Healthier than Fast Food)

Life dishes up insane work deadlines, but making dinner doesn’t always have to be a three-hour event. Sadly, fast food becomes a fact of life. But did you know that you can whip up and eat a delicious and healthy meal in less time than it would take to chow down at a restaurant. You can do a lot of nutritional damage in the drive-thru so we’ve compiled the most delicious recipes in our quick meals database so you don’t have to. DWL teamed up with Frankski at Frankski’s resturant to educate the community about options for healthy, quick home-made meals.

We want to thank Frank for allowing us to come in here and for stepping up, getting on board, and giving people a healthy choice. You can come to a restaurant and have a great meal, you can have fun, you can dance and you know what? You don’t have to ask a thousand questions its fun!

Chef Dean – I like to do everything in the same pan we will do everything nice and quick. When you come home from work, you are ready to have lunch. You only have about ten to 15 minutes. We can get this whole meal done. This is quick and healthy food. Better than fast food and its better for you. Asparagus and Portabella mushrooms will only take less than ten minutes. You don’t have to grab the fast food. I know everybody thinks it takes forever to cook. You know what, this is just a chicken breast, a half an ounce of asparagus and an once and a half of mushrooms. In less than ten minutes this food will be ready.

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