Cappuccino Protein Shakes

$ 24.50

Product Description

Dramatic Weight Loss® shakes taste great. Unlike many meal replacement shakes that have an aftertaste or have a chalky consistency, DWL shakes are rich and flavorful.

Dramatic Weight Loss® protein shakes are calorie and carbohydrate controlled, and offers 15 grams of pharmaceutical grade calcium caseinate protein.

Each Dramatic Weight Loss® protein shake offers essential percentages of RDA in both vitamins and minerals.

Dramatic Weight Loss® shakes fit into today’s busy and hectic lifestyles. DWL shakes can be prepared anywhere and at any time. They are simple to prepare, offer easy mixing, and can be consumed on the go.

Protein shakes are crucial to the success of the Mansfield Plan®. They provide 100 calories and nutrients needed to lose weight. Additionally, the shakes contain 15 grams of high-quality protein to sustain fullness. They taste great, are quick, easy, and convenient to make, and keep you on track with your diet.

Pricing is Per Box of 7 Shakes