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DWL NUTRITIONAL PROTEIN SHAKES:  Fast, convenient, and nutritious. Offers 100 calories and 15 grams of pharmaceutical grade calcium caseinate protein to help melt unwanted fat from the body. 4 SHAKES A DAY FOR 1 WEEK (28 SERVINGS) SUPER VITAMIN PACK:  A combination of multi-vitamins, potassium, chromium, all natural thyroid, and B-12 that works in conjunction with the protein shakes to provide optimal nutrition, increased energy, and maximize weight loss. 1 WEEK SUPPLY (3 PER SERVING) UNLIMITED PHONE MOTIVATION AND SUPPORT:  Not only will you get scheduled weekly guidance and motivation from a weight loss consultant while on the Mansfield Plan®, you will also have access to a consultant to answer any questions or talk about any concerns you may have through your weight loss journey.

On the Mansfield 4 Package, individuals will have 4 shakes per day (included in package) along with 2 self-prepared meals from the authorized menu list.

Included: 28 Shakes Per Package & Super Vitamin Pack

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