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CTA-Lose15-JQTAOur Protein Program will make the blood sugar normal in most patients with diabetes within 72 hours. The patient must monitor their blood sugar closely if they are on oral agents or insulin to lower their blood sugar. Most patients on oral agents do well on the program; however, insulin dependent diabetics may or may not be able to do the program depending on their particular type of insulin program. Dr. Mansfield will have to discuss this on an individual basis.

Dramatic Weight Loss understands the frustrations of being overweight. Most patients quit weight loss programs because they are always fighting hunger and cravings. In 1996, Dramatic Weight Loss created a program that promotes healthy weight loss, stops hunger and cravings in addition to meeting the following requirements:
• Safe
• Affordable
• No hunger or cravings
• Rapid results
• Fat loss with normal energy and alertness
• Fat loss without lean muscle loss

Dr. Mansfield’s patients can lose up to 15 pounds in 15 days.

What about diabetes and the Protein Program?

What is the difference between ketosis and Ketoacidosis?


Ketoacidosis only occurs in Type 1 Diabetics that are not controlling their diabetes. It never occurs in non-diabetic patients. People often confuse Ketosis with Ketoacidosis but they are totally different and not related. Ketosis is normal and means the body is burning fat which is a good thing. Ketoacidosis is an abnormal condition and must be treated in the hospital by an Endocrinologist (Diabetes Doctor).

Ketosis is the medical term for fat burning. Ketosis is a normal physiological state caused by very normal and healthy body functions contrary to the myths, distortions, and falsehoods published by vegetarians and other high-carbohydrate diet supporters.