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Lose Weight Fast With Dramatic Weightloss

At Dramatic Weight Loss®, the difference is DRAMATIC!  What sets DWL apart from many other weight loss programs on the market is that it is a physician-developed program that has a long history of success! DWL is not a new pill, a new diet, or a new piece of workout equipment that you see popping […]

Lose weight feel great Dramatic weight loss

Eat Great and Lose Weight!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the best foods summer has to offer and lose weight? You’re in luck: Our indulgent mix-and-match meal plan features healthied-up versions of all your warm-weather faves (even burgers and lobster rolls!). Aim to eat about 1,500 calories a day (three 400 calorie snacks and two 150-calorie snacks). […]


Losing Belly Fat At Any Age

How many times have you been told that middle age spread—the weight gain that comes with hitting 40 and beyond—is unavoidable? Well, next time someone starts going on about the inevitable metabolic slowdown, know this: You can turn the ship around. It’s not even that hard. Metabolic slowdown is a real thing. It’s due to […]


Get in Shape With Medical Weightloss

Get in shape with Medical Weightloss! Are you tired of counting calories? Lose weight with Dramatic Weight Loss. Follow the plan that works. or call (770) 394-9991 Appetite Suppressants like Adipex (Phentermine) available (Must be seen by doctor). Stacii Jae Johnson entertainment & political influencer, radio talk show host and creator of Black Girls Radio […]

Best Medical Weightloss Clinic in Georgia

Our program can help blood sugar normalize in most patients with diabetes within 72 hours. The patient must monitor their blood sugar closely if they are on oral agents lower their blood sugar. Most patients on oral agents do well on the program; however, insulin dependent diabetics may not be able to do the program […]


More info on Adipex 

Many of our readers who have never tried Adipex asked us for more info on Adipex, so here it is. We use Adipex together with a diet plan and exercise to treat obesity in people who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Adipex may also be used for purposes. Before taking this medicine […]


Baked Portabello Caps – Delicious Weight Loss Recipes

Eat healthy with our weight loss recipes that can help you lose your fat. Lose weight, get fit and feel fantastic with Dr. Mansfield’s weight loss plan. His low Carb and no Carb Recipes help you stay on the plan. Try this mouth watering recipie Baked Portabello Caps. Portabello mushrooms have a wonderful earthy flavor […]


Roasted Peppers – Quick and Easy Fat Burning Recipes

Roasted Peppers – Quick and Easy Fat Burning Recipes Want to slim down? Try this mouth watering recipie. Dr. Mansfields recipies for weight loss are nutritious are reduced-calorie, low-fat meals that can get you closer to your weight-loss goals while making sure mealtime is always a time to look forward to. It’s easy to shed […]


5 Healthy Tips to Lose weight Fast and Safely

Are you ready to be in a healthier frame of mind? If yes, you are on the right track. Healthy eating is not about being unrealistically thin, having strict nutrition philosophies, or depriving yourself of foods you love. It’s about feeling great, having more energy, keeping yourself as healthy as possible and stabilizing your mood—all […]