Choices for Kids and Dramatic Weight Loss Educates the Community

Dramatic Weight Loss teams up with Vanetta S. Keyes from ‘Choices for Kids”. To help end obesity in children. DWL participated in the event to spread the awareness at the 2nd Annual “Let’s Move! Dekalb” Back to School fitness Expo at the Exchange Park Intergenerational Center.

We want to thank Vanetta for letting the Dramatic Weight Loss team be apart of this awesome event. She is doing a lot in the community to help educate the parents -because healthy eating kids start with the parents. It has been a lot of fun. The kids were playing and learning. There were mini work shops, fitness activities, free health screenings, vendor exhibits, healthy food, free back to school supplies and more. To get more information on Dramatic Weight Loss or Choices for kids go to



There are an estimated ten million obese and overweight American kids who experience the ongoing frustrations associated with excessive weight and often do not know where to turn. The Center Helping Obesity in Children End Successfully, Inc., a grassroots organization was formed in April 2002 to join the fight against the deadly epidemic of childhood obesity. The Center aims to spread awareness of this critical issue and significantly reduce the presence of childhood obesity in our communities. It is an ambitious goal and if it seems as if we are in a hurry, it is because we are!

Let’s Fight Childhood Obesity
In this day of medical marvels, we as yet have no cure for obesity, but we do have the ability to make choices. America will have to choose nutrition over revenues and meal planning over instant gratification. Every community and every family will have to choose to ensure that children receive the reassurance and support they need to make lifelong choices for a happy, healthier life. The Center Helping Obesity in Children End Successfully, Inc., is eager to embrace this challenge.
Our mission is to provide a parent and child resource center for the clinically diagnosed and at-risk children of obesity. The Center promotes weight management and lifestyle changes through nutrition education, peer socialization, physical activity and community involvement.